Meet the late Savage dictator, Meles Zenawi, of Ethiopi.

thank you my friend, revolution, in advance.

this is the Meles Zenawi, the lion inside Ethiopian parliament and the rat to the outside world, rude speech to Ethiopians. do you expect such speech from the leader?

The TPLF simply told the people of Tigray,
“If your children haven’t come back, just forget about them. It means that they have died.”

(After the so-called border war that claimed the lives of over 100,000 Ethiopian soldiers):
A concerned Ethiopian mother approached Meles Zenawi in a public meeting and asked him for information as to the whereabouts of her son who did not return from the war with Eritrea. Irritated by the tone of her question, Meles Zenawi replied:
“Lady, if your son does not return in 6 months time, then you’ll have your answer!”

(After losing an estimated 20,000 Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia):
The Kangaroo parliament in Ethiopia put forward a request for a public disclosure of the casualty figures Ethiopia had suffered in Somalia, and the response they got from Meles Zenawi was:
“The government is not under any obligation to make the casualty figures public, and nor do we feel that it is appropriate to do so.”

2012: (Meles Zenawi died)
The Ethiopian fathers and mothers who lost their precious children in reckless wars waged by Meles Zenawi were forced by a government order to mourn the man who sacrificed their children and kept their deaths a closely guarded government secret to prevent an uprising against his genocidal regime.


GOD himself liberated Ethiopians from this savage man. and of course i believe God is working on the total liberation of Ethiopians from those remnant savages of minority clique behind Meles Zenawi.


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