The magic formula to freedom is a complete rejection the rotten apple of tyranny

The magic formula to freedom is a complete rejection the rotten apple of tyranny

If the goal of the struggle is to be free and develop our capacity we must reject rotten apple of tyranny and submit for the rule of law in Ethiopia. Most importantly, we must first reject anything tyranny offers regardless how good we perceive it to be. There is noting good in tyranny except delaying freedom and development on the expenses ourselves. Until we collectively reject the rotten apple of tyranny it will keep showing its ugly face in one form or another again and again.

Teshome Debalke

Honestly, our problem isn’t Woyane tyranny on its own. In fact, as we can witness it is rotting on its own as expected. It is our imagination playing trick on us in believing anything good may come out of tyranny. Until our outlook changes to understand the nature of tyranny we will be playing cat-and-mouse game with it for the foreseeable future.

Change begins within us as individuals; looking in, not out.  If I sell my soul for tyranny in any form or shape, I am the problem not the solution. If I bought anything tyranny offers, I am the problem not the solution. If I entertain anything good can come out of tyranny I am the problem not the solution. Therefore, anyone that ponder the above is need to look in not out.

When I reject tyranny in any form or shape I became free. I may be under tyranny but tyranny isn’t above me, in fact, it is beneath me. Yes, tyranny is rotten enough to fear free people like me. That is why it frantically look for an excuse to undermine free people. Yes, I may even fear the physical terror of tyranny but, tyranny fears me more. Therefore, fear is not sufficient excuse to entertain anything tyranny.

My role models are the braves and the free represented by Eskinder Negas not the cowards and the tyrants represented by the dead Melse Zenawi.  I always remain on the opposite side of tyranny because I am free. No matter how we hide it, anyone that doesn’t reject tyranny isn’t free, thus an instrument of oppression and corruption. No sane person submits for tyranny and lives to see the next day. Nor anyone should tolerate tyranny unless s/he is wicked and corrupt. Until each of us believes we are free within we are prone to serve tyranny sooner or later.

The recent development is a good example of how some serve Woyane ethnic tyranny and lives on borrowed time victimizing the innocent. The sorry handpicked Prime Minster that sold his soul for Woyane tyranny comes in handy to show how the regime is frightened of free people.

On his scripted interview with Al-Jazeera recently he resurrected his dead mentor and role model referring him ‘His Excellency Melse Zenawi’ by parroting him word by word to plea the international enablers to save the Woyane regime.  The clueless PM led by his sorry TPLF handlers is a classic case of what is wrong with Ethiopian intellectuals willing to extend the live of tyranny against the interest of their own people that sacrificed the little resource they have to educate them. It worth noteing; for the first time in history a dead tyrant is referred as ‘His Excellency’; reviling the new PM is taking his instruction from the ghost of the late tyrant.

Instead of coming to Ethiopian Television Network (ESAT) to beg forgiveness from his fellow Ethiopians for betraying us for ethnic tyranny, he came on Al-Jazeera to plea his enablers to save his regime from the aspiration of his people to be free.  Instead of joining his people of the Muslim faith in their struggle to be free worshiping the Almighty, he reduced them as ‘minority extremist’ to extend the live of the rotten ethnic regime he serves. Instead of submitting to the democratic movements of Ethiopians, he labels us ‘terrorist’ and ‘fringe elements’. Instead of siding with the people pushes off their land to facilitate TPLF’s corruption, he declared they don’t even exist. Instead of aspiring to democratic value of governance, he disguises ethnic tyranny as constitutional and democratic government.  Instead of being Ethiopian he became ethnic panhandler in the service of minority ethnic regime. Instead of being role model for the young, including his own children to be a responsible citizen, he grooms them to be corrupt and puppets of tyranny like him, on and on. What possible trait would make an educated adult primordial in the 21stcentury?

Tyranny is full of surprises even for those like the PM that banks on it for their livelihood.  Like a train to no where no one knows when it stops; crash, derail or until it encounter an opposite force to stop it. Some stooges jumped out early with scratches and bruises before anything major happens. Others don’t even know they are for a ride to their death. The few mastermind of tyranny are speeding up the train; intoxicated with blood money and power taking the passengers to hell with them.

The aftermath wouldn’t be pleasant and the stooges knows it; scrambling to save face. They will be judged for their crime against Ethiopians. The apologist will vanish in shame. The corrupt will run to live off their loots. Ethiopians will pick up the pieces and move on like we always did before.

The important thing to remember is Woyane tyranny isn’t different than its counterpart elsewhere. Nor it is new for Ethiopians but, a repetition of our suffering and tribulation on the hand of indigenous hired hands and foreign invaders.  Woyane is a collection of hired hands with a mission, the corrupt that doesn’t see anything but quick money in their pocketbook and the confused that are misinformed by propaganda to cheer for tyranny. It is the three coming together, particularly the corrupt Diaspora stooges that made it possible for Woyane to hang around like we never seen before in our history.

Therefore, no one, including the stooges themselves believes Woyane is anything but… a rotten apple. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be manufacturing lies and running to foreign Media pleading for help to be saved from the freedom movement.

Make no mistake, tyranny have no leg to stand on. It is our choice to put it out of its misery or allow it to run over us. The sooner we collectively reject it the better we all be. Our separate protest by ethnicity, religion, gender, and region… is not going to do it. In fact, it plays on the hands of Woyane to divide us even more. Entertaining the propaganda Woyane spews isn’t going to do it. If anything, it is rubbish recycled to keep Woyane alive.  Tolerating corruption of our compatriots is not going to do it. If anything, it is the currency of Woyane tyranny to disfranchise our people.

Democracy and freedom are not commodities to be divided among us. We have them or we don’t. The sooner we clean up the rubbish of tyranny; starting right next to us the sooner we achieve our freedom and dismantle tyranny and its riffraff.

Ethiopians deserve better than Woyane ethnic tyranny

P.S. In case Woyane stooges are wondering their handpicked Prime Minster will save them form their inevitable demise they may also need hand picked god to pray for. Parading a clueless Prime Minster to run around in the international Media to save Woyane tyranny isn’t a wise move. Your one and only salvation is to come on ESAT plea forgiveness from the people of Ethiopia. There is no other way out of the jam you put yourself in.

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