Rally in New York: Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General is Aware of the Crimes Against Humanity in Ethiopia

by Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopians Rally in New York: Demanding UN investigate Ethnic Cleansing

(NEW YORK) – The Monday April 29, 2013 cloudy sky with drizzle seems to remind the largest Ethiopian crowd in recent memory here in NYC the darkest time of our people under the minority regime of TPLF/Woyane. The cry of Amharas in Beni Shanguel Gumuz, Gura Ferda, Waldiba who were ethnically cleansed and dumped as landless and homeless by cruel and inhuman TPLF/Woyane thugs carrying the ID of “Nations and Nationalities” is indeed the turning point in our struggle.

It reminded us how it is uncomfortable just to stay few hours out in a rain knowing that it will be over and each one of us will go to our home in D.C., Maryland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, NJ and to all boroughs of New York City. We stood tall to be the voice of poor farmers and monks and challenge UN to condemn the Ethnic Cleansing underway in Ethiopia. We stared at the UN building where Tewodros Adhanom lectured just last week about TPLF/Woyane’s role on Somalia “security”. We call it “Kiraye Sebsaba Politica” or blackmailing politics.

Shame on him and his regime who snatched the “security” of thousands of Amharas from their home they built from scratch. Shame on him who Kicked out children from their school without warning. Shame on him who forced pregnant women to give birth in forests with no medical care.

The condemnation of the Woyane fascist and barbaric regime that started at 11am by fifty brave Ethiopians who came from NY Tri State area some driving seven hours from upstate New York started with a good news from NY organizers. By 10:30am the copy of the letter prepared for H.E. Ban Ki-Moon UN Secretary General was delivered to USA Ambassador to United Nations, Ambassador Susan Rice. We know pretty well that the content of this letter will soon reach to President Obama via John Carry, Secretary of State.

John Carry who is travelling to Addis Ababa on the 50th anniversary of OAU next month will be challenged to condemn Ethnic Cleansing and all human rights violations in Ethiopia in public. The USA Ambassadors to Ethiopia past and present were and are acting as “member” of TPLF. The State Department findings about Ethiopia is nothing more than empty gesture. We believe this time is different if they take note of the anger building in the diaspora community this month alone. We demand the Obama Administration to follow the recommendation of its own department without any excuse whatsoever.

The campaign to be heard by UN Secretary-General went on for a week by email and fax from the Ethiopian Diaspora all over the world. The fax and email flooded his office. When our five delegates went to deliver the letter asking UN to condemn Ethnic Cleansing and send an independent investigation team the positive reply we received was not surprising to most of us.

“The Secretary Genera was aware of what was going in Ethiopia ” especially the Ethnic Cleansing even before he received our letter. The Prime Worshipper/Minster Hailemariam was forced to admit in his own parliament about Ethnic Cleansing after his European tour of begging. He blamed the “locals” for carrying out the crime. Yes crime is committed locally but order was given from TPLF/Woyane who some were heard saying on VOA and ESAT Radio that they needed to clear the land for investment.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Amharas was to secure land for Woyane landlords. The list of the people who are directly connected to the crime against humanity was out to the public and UN . Omad Obang, Gambella, Shiferaw Shigute, Gura Ferda and South Omo Valley, Ahmed Nasir, Beni Shanguel Gumuz, Abdi Mohamud Omar, Ogaden, Abdi Maxamud Cumar, Ogaden, Abay Tsehai and Sibaht Nega , Waldiba was a short list for crimes against humanity present and past for which we demanded UN investigation.

The past crimes against Annuak, Mursi, Ogaden and Oromo people were executed under the direct order of late Meles Zenawi. The crowd condemned Hailemariam as a “leader” who is led by TPLF/Woyane thugs behind the curtain to finish the Job the late Meles Zenawi started more than 21 years ago. Bereket Simon and Shiferaw Tekelamriam the “director” of the Movie “Jihadwi Harkeat”, Christians VS Muslims anti Muslim propaganda were among the names accused as crimes against humanity.

The huge crowd from D.C. who came in two buses, vans and small cars joined the rally between 12pm and 1pm. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza ( UN Plaza ) was on fire. The big blast from the sound system should have awaken anyone from long distance. No wonder the Woyanes from the surrounding area were forced to come out and face the condemnation of the system they are defending.

The drizzle had no impact on the protesters at all. Bishop Filipose and Sheik Kalid short but direct call to all of us here and back home was emotional. Bishop Filippose compared our situation to the time of fascist occupation of Ethiopia where one patriot Dr. Melaku Beyan organized black Americans to stand with the Ethiopian people who were abandoned by League of Nations and USA..

However, at this very moment Ethiopia has thousands of Melaku Beyans thanks to the huge populations of Ethiopians in the Diaspora. Woyane’s “rent collection/Kiraye Sebsaba” project though succeeded back home using brute force and blackmail it failed miserably to be replicated here in the diaspora, “KeAbaye Befit Zeregnet Yegedeb” before building dam to collect water let us “build” a dam to check on a poison called racism is a rallying cry by Ethiopians.

Sheik Khalid reminded us what Woyane did in May 2005. Woyane played effectively Muslims VS Christians. ” If Kinijit captured power the Muslims were told the end of their fifteen years of religious freedom”. The Muslims though most of them voted for Kinijit did not stand with fellow Ethiopians to call for their vote to be counted. Woyane resurrected for vengeance !!!! Business who supported Kinijit lost their livelihood and now most retail and wholesale is under control of Woyanes.

Sheik Khalid did not hide his disappointment for fellow Ethiopian Christians not joining the Muslim struggle “Dimtsachen Yesema”, Let our Voice be Heard a more than 16 month peaceful struggle which shook Woyane’s foundation of ethnic division as was expected. He said our community need to come together and take back our country.

We compliment Sheik Khalid by calling Christians to take their Sunday as a day of prayer and a day to stand with those monks at Waldiba, fellow Christian farmers who are kicked from their land and fellow Muslims who have been struggling for Woyane to get out of Mosques and Islamic Institutions, for Abay Tsehai and Sibhat Nega to get out of our church affairs.

We the believers should take this matter into our own hands back home and here in Diaspora. Priests and church administrators who are on our way should be condemned as cowards who bow for the devil. Let us tell them that this is our Christian Obligation to stand with fellow Orthodox Christians and fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

The poems, songs and slogans indeed made our rally a tourist attraction. Many posed to take picture with our beautiful people and flag. Young Ethiopian Muslims dressed in their Hijab, mothers with traditional cloth and many who came with yellow, green and red scarf gave beauty to our rally. When the good news of the Secretary General five staffs reviewing our letter for immediate tangible reply came to the public the roar was deafening. The NYC organizers will update fellow Ethiopians in Social Medias, diaspora radios and TV on the development at UN Secretary General Office.

At 3pm NYC organizers thanked all who came from long distance sacrificing a day to be the Voice for the Voiceless Victims of Ethnic Cleansing and Human Rights Violation. The energized crowd extended the rally for 45 minutes. The Woyane Council faced a huge angry crowd denouncing crimes against humanity perpetrated by TPLF/Woyane.Those who are associated with these crimes by collecting money in the name of “building a dam” can not escape responsibility. There is no place in NY, D.C, Oslo or wherever it maybe to hide and lie. Your time is up !!. We will follow you and expose you for the public. God is Great, Alah Wakiber !!!! Ethiopia Will Be Free !!!



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