Africa Union: Is it a Union of brutal tyrants or the people of African?

Imagine in today’s Africa finding a leader capable of forming a regional organization like OAU. Imagine a leader that stand out as role model for African leadership in the 21stcentury. And, imagine when an African leader would emerge that would earn universal respect like Mandela.

My people, Africa is a play ground for dictators acting like domesticated wolf during the day a hyenas in the night. The few leaders that have the mandate of their people found Africa Union a retreat; a kind of resort to do what they wouldn’t be able to do at home. Shame-on all of them to coddle up with daylight wolves and the hyenas of the nights.

by Teshome Debalke

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of African Union (the former Organization of Africa Unity) another history was made. In a city where the Headquarter of the organization was erected and the country that was the instrument in uniting Africans is occupied by the brutal ethnic tyranny that divides her population by ethnicity and religion; in direct contradiction to the very Charter of the foundation and with the help of the international community.

The visionary leaders that brought about African Unity are replaced by demagogues, corrupt, and brutal tyrants taking the organization down with them. Our own rogue regime not only denies the existence of the nation that is the founding member but, doesn’t recognize the Founding father of the Organization himself. Fifty years later the striking difference between African leaders then and now is telling.

In all honesty, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing about Africa Union. I don’t know why people make a big deal of an Organization that turned in to good-for- noting; taken hostage by barefaced dictators. The Organization did its work when it was established 50 years ago with clear vision and great leaders of the time to end up into an entertainment hall of mindless dictators financed and built by Chinese Communist Regime.

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of African Union Africa Union a union of brutal tyrants






No offense to the Chinese regime, but the communist tyranny would do us a great favor if it builds freedom centers for its own people than AU Headquarter to dance with African wolves in order to tap in what is underground in partnership with mindlessly corrupt dictators. For sure a regime that builds on the grave of its own people’s freedom can’t be a friend of Africa. The most expected of the Chinese government is to be a bed fellow with its counterparts for mutual distraction of the people.

Imagine when the clowns couldn’t pitch a few million dollars each from the money they have been stealing to finance the only building that symbolize African Unity. Don’t they have any pride to beg the Chinese authoritarian regime to sell the symbol Africa for cheap as they do the raw materials of their peoples?

I think the regime that occupied Ethiopia would do its counterparts  a favor to sell African Union bond to build a new headquarter and make the Chinese made building a shopping mall to sell cheap Chinese made goods Siyoum Mesfin, the Ethiopia Ambassador in China and Associates import. It would make more sense for a part-time merchant, part-time government and part time beggar regime.

As we speak, 50 years later since the organization was founded the majorities of the member countries of African Union are ruled by brutal and corrupt tyrants brutalizing and robbing their respective people. Their biggest accomplishment is noting more than reducing their respective population in poverty into sub human condition and turn around begging from the international donors and pretending they are running governments. The donors are not helping either.  They handover billions of dollar to tyrants in Africa without asking the hard question as they do the exact opposite at home. It must be the policy of ‘he may be a son of a bitch but he is our son of a bitch’

I am more sick and tired of half a dozen elected leaders of member countries like South Africa, Botswana, and Ghana…too. Wining and dining with brutal and corrupt dictators; going along with them as if everything is nice and dandy with the dictators-for-life, instead of raising the cause of the people of Africa. In fact, during the Libyan uprising to oust Kaddafi the African dictators were embarrassingly showing the true color; refusing to recognize the Transitional Council until the last day of the 42 long years old dictator bit the dust. Even democratically elected leaders sided with Kaddafi instead of the leaders of the revolution. In our own home turf, the Union of Dictators validated the Woyane regime’s 99.64% win in 2010 election as if they don’t know how to count; claiming it is fair and square and decided to dance with the Woyane wolf. These are the kinds of leaders Africans are subjected in the 21st century.

When The Organization of Africa Unity (OAU) was formed it was to fend off the European Colonialists’ aggression in the scramble for Africa’s resources. Fifty years later it turned out to be Africans are still struggling to fend off from African dictators and their partners’ scramble for Africa’s resources. What changed is the color of the dictators from white Europeans to black Africans, from strong national and regional leaders to ethnic peddlers at village level.

Here we are in the 50th anniversary of an organization that supposes to free Africans from exploitation progressing in to the organization of Exploiters/Beggars Country Club. To add salt on the wound the capital city where it was founded and headquartered is occupied by an ethnic tyranny (Woyane) that wouldn’t recognize the Founding father of the Organization, His Excellency Emperor Haile Selase I; the icon and the father of Africa in his own right and time.

In all honesty, to begin with the Organization wouldn’t form if it wasn’t for the visionary leadership of the Emperor himself. But, as our contemporary dictators would have it the best of Africa would overshadow their despicable rule; therefore, they make sure there is noting before and after them as the late Melese Zenawi helplessly undermine great Ethiopian leaders and raise his and his counterparts empty stature in the Club of Tyrants. The genocide craved Bashir of Sudan is a kind of tyrant AU protects from going to jail.

Imagine in today’s Africa finding leaders capable of forming a regional organization like OAU. Imagine a leader that stand out as role model for African leadership in the 21stcentury. And, imagine an African leader to come that would earn universal respect after Mandela. My people, Africa is a playground for dictators acting as domesticated wolfs during the day and hyenas in the night. The few leaders that have the mandate of their people found Africa Union a retreat, a kind of resort to do what they wouldn’t be able to do at home. Shame on all of them dancing with wolves; leaving the people of Africa on the dry.

The degeneration of African leadership is better explained by the late Ethiopian Prime Minster, Melse Zenawi. When he was picked as unofficial representative of African dictators in the world forums AU proven it is a worthless organization.  His skills that earn him the job was begging and making dictators feel righteous. No one can match his skill and legacy. From begging Western nations for basic food and medicine in pretending to feed and cure the people all the way of building infrastructure and a meeting hall for tyrants from Eastern nations; the ‘visionary leadership’ of the late Melse Zenawi unmatched.

The man became a legend in African Dictators’ Club for extorting more money from Western and Eastern donors like no one has done it before. For example, in Climate Change Summit of 2009 in Copenhagen he instigated African dictators to demand 80 billion dollars compensation from industrialized nations for ‘causing draught…famine because of ‘carbon emission’. Dictators that can’t tell the difference between their personal accounts from the public vault let alone understand climate change all of a sudden were lined up to cash in with the new opportunity. Guess who they picked to represent them, Melse Zenawi of Ethiopia.

Quite frankly, the late Melse was exceptionally good maneuvering African tyrants and Western cash cows. He even organized environmental cadres in Addis Ababa and flew them to Copenhagen to demonstrate against ‘Western imperialists’; blaming them for bringing famine and poverty in Africa to force them cough up more money to compensate the ‘African poor’ through dictators’ bank. He was indeed professional extorter in squeezing dollar from donors that earn him his popularity until Journalist Abebe Gelaw interrupted him in front of the world for ever. Melse hasn’t missed a single conference of the rich countries in 20 years where there is money to be gained. In fact, he was the darling of the West they couldn’t do without to feel they are doing something for Africa. The infamous Susan Rise, the US Ambassador to United Nation vows for his wit acting as Ambassador of his regime when in reality he was playing her for a fool to defend him in Washington.

African tyrants learned so much from him they become savvy enough to play the world powers in sustaining their power and robbing their people in collaboration with indigenous and Western professionals covering for them. The cry for democratic rule is sidelined by elaborate diversion of development that filled international Media, thanks for the legendry con man of Africa.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation that offers The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership tells the story of the African dictators for life. The Prize offers US$5 million over ten years US $200 000 per year for life thereafter and US $200 000 per year available for public interest activities for any tyrant that leave office peacefully. The Criteria is simple; must be a Former African Executive Head of State or Government, must be democratically elected, must be a leader that left office in the last three years, must served only his constitutionally mandated term and must be exceptional leadership.

It looks a very lucrative prize/bribe to ask African dictators to leave power they hold on by the barrel of the gun for too long. It is also embarrassingly insulting to all Africans their leaders wouldn’t budge even when offered bribe to leave the office that doesn’t belong to them.  In politically incorrect language they wouldn’t take the ransom money to release the hostages (African people) they held at gun point. Think about it, how low an organization can go down? Imagine how low expectation Western and increasingly Eastern donors have about Africa to sleep with the Wolves of Africa.

The Prize would be good chunks of money for honest and hard working leader do right. But, for African dictators that steal billions of dollars it is rather pocket change. So far three African leaders received the Prize, according to the Foundation. But, Western governments and organizations continue to defend African tyrants by rewarding them with more money than the reward Prize. Why settle for less when there are more money to be had being a dictator.

To show how small a Prize is for African dictators the late Libyan tyrant Kaddafi comes in mind.  He holds a fortune of over 300 billion dollars managed by his son in European Banks as reported. That is just one chunk, investments in many countries and money stashed by his friends and relatives could be billions more. Obviously, five million sounds for dinner outing to the flamboyant Kaddafi known to spend money like paper. Likewise the Egyptian, the Nigerian, Tunisian…and the rest wouldn’t be impressed with little Prize either.

When it comes to our mini tyrant like the late Melse Zenawi, his Endowment stashed in the name of the people of Tigray worth billions of dollars. For a ‘poor dictator’ that lives on few hundred dollars salary per month according to his wife, Ibrahim Prize could have been a good incentive to vacant power if he ever qualifies for it. But, he is recognized by Western governments as a ‘great leader’ worth a lot more. Why look for chuck change from Ibrahim Prize when donors throw you money as drunken gambler in a strip club. Better yet, his cheerleaders are putting a Foundation for him to award Prizes instead of receiving it.

Dictators are always dictators wherever they may be, it is a historical fact. The problems aren’t the dictators per say but their jackass apologists that legitimize them by adding numbers backwards with their hands in the same cookie jar; insulting supporters on a daily bases as dumb airheads to understand elementary arithmetic.

Let’s take the apologist of Woyane and its supporters. They are conditioned to act like a jackass tied up with Woyane tyranny. They are trained to read backwards to feel good about themselves.   But in reality, besides wearing pants and skirt they are no better than a jackass. Like typical jackass the only thing they demand is anything and from anywhere to fills their belly. They are conditioned not to ask where, why, when how…but take what is given to them like a jackass.

No one knows why Woyane insults its supporters on a daily bases and they accepting it with pride. But, according to psychologist, conditioning is ‘a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response’.

Surprisingly, Conditioning equally works on well educated as much as to uneducated. Therefore, tyrants use it extensively to make a jackass out of the people they call their supporters. Obviously, the well feed jackasses are the role models for the rest. Time-and- time again they failed to understand the public interest can’t be marginalized by size of jackasses’ belly of tyranny dressed up as human beings.  They misunderstood; it isn’t the dress that makes them humans but their behavior.  In their quest to make the population in their image they marginalize and jail those that think critically like human beings.

Anyway you shake-or-bake-it there is noting good that can come out of tyranny and the jackasses that support it. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a jackass of the worst kind that voluntarily shutoff his/her mind to think with the belly, unfortunately, there are many of them out there. Those jackasses that wave their credential on your face are the bigger jackasses of all. What good is a credential but a paper when the belly is doing the thinking?

Recently Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) put out a warning to the jackasses of tyranny (the officials) in a title ‘ኢሳት ጋዜጠኞች ጆሮ ላይ ስልክ ለምትዘጉ ባለስልጣኖች ማሰጠንቀቂያ’. The warning is timely but, there is more than Woyane officials that fart like a loaded jackass every time they are confronted with the hard question.

In my opinion, the worst jackasses of Woyane are the apologist in Diaspora that runs front organizations, Medias… etc.  Their phone must start ringing to come out in public and explain why they are disturbing the peace of the public on behalf of Woyane. The truth is the jackasses in Diaspora that eat the fruit of freedom and prevent their compatriots to do the same on behalf of their beloved tyranny must pay a big price. They are the one that carry tyranny on their shoulder defending it tooth-and-nail. The house of Woyane tyranny is standing because of them. The struggle will be short and sweet when the jackasses of tyranny in Diaspora are forced to come out of the closet they are hiding. As Woyane officials, the Diaspora jackasses will run like a loaded jackasses farting.

Africans in general must standup to the jackasses of their respective tyranny. It isn’t only to free the political space but, the minds and body of the young and old to think critically in order to own our rightful place in the modern world. The jackasses of tyranny are interfering in our quest to own our place in the world community. You can find them in the world stage dressed up to talk with both side of their mouth to defend tyranny; thinking in their bellies than their mind. They must be exposed and challenged in public arena like they would in free societies. Independent Medias in-and-out of Africa must come together to chase out the jackasses to make tyranny history in Africa and Africa Union (AU) tyrants free.

Likewise, Ethiopians and Ethiopia will not only be free from tyranny but, from the jackasses that carry it on their shoulders. There is no if-and-but about it.  Anyone that doubts that reality is a jackass wants to be on the expenses of Ethiopians. The only thing to do is out the jackasses of tyranny in public and, no one can do it better than independent Mass Media like ESAT. Now you know why the jackasses of Woyane are farting on ESAT.

Have you encounter a jackass of Woyane lately?



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